Singing and its health benefits

Happy singing

Singing, especially in the morning, can provide health benefits, as it sets you up in a happy mood for the rest of the day.  Singing is an aerobic activity.


Why is that?


Singing is healthy because it increases oxygenation in the blood stream and gives major muscle groups in the body a workout. This in turn, helps reduce the risk of heart attacks. Whenever you exercise your lungs, more oxygen is inhaled and the deeper you breathe, the quicker your stress levels will decrease.  Deeper breaths, when feeling anxious or stressed, is great for reducing pre-performance or presentation nerves and also great for improving sleep.


Singing is great for toning facial and abdominal muscles. It develops the lungs, strengthens our core, which strengthens our back, increases poise, self-esteem and presentation skills.


Singing is healthy because it’s great at reducing stress. The immune system is suppressed when we are stressed because the increase of the hormone cortisol suppresses our immune cells, therefore lowering our resistance to illness.


Singing in the car can alleviate boredom and singing whilst driving by yourself releases any inhibitions.  Go for it !


Singing is great for stirring our emotions and when we actively participate, the happy chemicals, called endorphins and oxytocins, are released by the brain, which help calm us.


Singing is ageless. It’s healthy for the older generation because it improves mental and oral abilities. In order to sing it’s necessary to memorise the words so strengthens memory, although if you forget words, ‘lala-ing’ is equally healthy. Singing lowers pulse rates, aids deeper breathing and decreases the stress hormone cortisol.


Singing in the shower is non-judgemental. Singing in the shower provides the right acoustics because sound bounces off the tiles and reverberates back making our voices sound richer and fuller. At the same time our vocal folds become hydrated instantly as they get a good steaming. Our voice therefore is healthier and our confidence grows.


Singing helps children learn effectively through song.  Accompanied with gestures, children remember the words better and become more engaged with the activity.


Singing can be a social activity.  Join a choir and your circle of friends has increased.  More happy people to be around and happiness becomes infectious.


Sing yourself happy and fit!


About Amanda

I became a Voice Practitioner and Complementary Therapist to be able to help with all-round support, not just addressing vocal issues, but also ensuring that mind and body are equally healthy to be able to support the voice. For further details of ‘my journey’ please read more here, or reach out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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