Professional Vocal and Perfomance Coaching

for total empowerment

As you might have realised, VoiceWorX is a play on words, a pun, which Shakespeare was very fond of doing. VoiceWorX can help your voice work for you but in order to ensure the voice is healthy and in working order, you, in turn, need to put in guided practice.

The foundation of the Practice is in healthy vocal use, and by exploring together what constitutes overall health, I can help you avoid vocal and mental distress.

Specialist Voice Coach

VoiceWorX is Practice-trained in acting, voice and text, singing, show-support, pedagogy, physiology, Received Pronunciation and complementary therapies. VoiceWorX is creative with highly specialised knowledge in a range of professional contexts and has developed as a voice coach, teacher, performer and therapist.

Whether you are adults, children, parents, actors, singers, presenters, teachers, readers, public speakers, clergy or other professional voice users, VoiceWorX can help you deliver an effective and efficient voice, healthily.

Bespoke Coaching

By drawing on many methodologies based on: Nelson, Linklater, Estill, Alexander, Berry, Feldenkreis, Houseman, Rodenburg, Shewell, Martin, and Sharpe, for example, VoiceWorX can individually tailor coaching sessions to suit your specific issues and requirements so that you vocalise and perform at your best.

One size does not fit all and therefore Bespoke Coaching complements all aspects of vocal work.

Why is this Bespoke? Simply, because it’s not just our voices that need to be healthy.

If our mind is distressed, for example, with performance anxiety, recent loss, audition stress, sleepless nights, relationships issues, to name but a few issues that hurl themselves at us, our voices will become distressed. Our body shows the impact of these negative influences and again our mental health will deteriorate. A vicious cycle.

VoiceWorX can help you achieve your desired outcome positively, healthily and confidentially within a safe environment.

Please check “Bespoke Coaching” at the top of this page or contact Amanda at for more details.