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Having worked with the best vocal coaches at the Birmingham School of Acting and The Globe Theatre, Amanda has pooled various pedagogical methodologies encompassing those of Berry, Rodenburg, Linklater, Alexander and Feldenkreis. By supporting your actors’ vocal deliveries, Amanda can assist in increasing your overall performance strength.

VoiceWorX can help address many issues including:

  • a native accent too pronounced that it is difficult to understand what is being said
  • actors used to film, who find it challenging transferring current acting skills into a theatre environment efficiently, healthily and effectively
  • actors running out of breath or who are too breathy
  • actors speaking too quickly or too slowly  
  • actors mumbling or shouting

Amanda worked at the Birmingham School of Acting on the MFA module with foreign students to ensure their vocal techniques and their RP (Received Pronunciation) accent was in keeping with the visions of notable Directors Chris Monks on Bennett’s Habeas Corpus and Jacob Murray on Hare’s Gethsemane.