Performance and Presentation Confidence

Everyone needs performance and presentation skills, don’t they? 

To achieve confidence when performing, whether a child or adult, is not always easy under pressure. Even if adults are not speaking formally at a conference, dinner or wedding, those other informal moments such as meetings, interviews and even first dates can be quite challenging for the individual, possibly ending in anxiety, fear and sleepless nights.


Enhance your sight-reading and presentation skills in a confidential and relaxed atmosphere. Together we will hone the skills you already have by ensuring posture, breath, articulation and resonance work together to support you and your voice. Once empowered with confidence your new-found voice will display a range of colour, tone, dynamics and pitch without straining your voice.

And what about our children? 

Getting up in front of peers in assemblies, performing in plays and just generally reading out loud in class, is possibly just as daunting for them.  However, if not addressed at an early age, might their confidence manifest a greater problem when they are older? 


One way in which confidence can be achieved is by boosting your child’s reading and comprehension skills beyond learning expectations for Key Stages 1 and 2. S/he will be better prepared for the inevitable fast pace of Key Stages 3 and 4 and, in turn, their confidence will emerge organically.

In Secondary Education, under-developed reading and under-developed comprehension might give confidence a knock when puberty sets in and especially when the change in hormones plays havoc with your child’s confidence.  Performance and presentation skills become part of the curriculum and those already lacking in confidence, as well as those who already feel awkward or self-conscious, might find it difficult to stand in front of their peers whilst presenting projects and homework.  often resulting in panic, tears, stage fright and possible non-participation.

Tuition is offered 1:1 and/or in small groups 

1:1 tuition

In a confidential and relaxed environment sessions will be tailored to suit the individuals’ needs.  Coaching needs to be a practical, sensitive and positive experience so that the individual’s potential is realised and their confidence to perform will become natural.

Small groups

By tutoring in small reading groups children will develop social learning with their peers, be able to hold their own in a debate, be able to present and perform with confidence, vocally and physically. These skills, in turn, will stand them in good stead for Secondary and Tertiary Education and, ultimately, a career. There are many occasions when children must perform in school: assemblies, plays, and classroom activities and the earlier these skills are developed and become second-nature the quicker the confidence will be developed.

VoiceWorX’s acting background can offer you simple options, which once practised, will give a real boost to your confidence. It’s very easy to breathe shallowly when we are anxious, and there are times, when we even forget to breathe at all.  Amongst other skills, knowing how to breathe efficiently and to keep the body well aligned will give you a healthy breath and positive energy enabling you to perform and present effectively. Not only will these skills augment your personal repertoire but also the boost to your inner confidence will outwardly project to those around you.