Teachers, Call Centre Operators and other professional voice users

We are all voice users in some form or other, and some more than others. Actors and singers are called ‘Professional Voice Users’ and have usually been trained to use their voices efficiently, effectively and hopefully, healthily.  But no one thinks that anyone other than singers and actors need voice training.  Why is that?

What about teachers, lecturers, Call Centre personnel, tour guides, hairdressers, sports’ coaches, clergy, news presenters, and so on…..?  The list is endless, isn’t it?  Are they not professionals in their fields? 

VoiceWorX’s recent research concluded that vocal health training would benefit many professions.

VoiceWorX’s practitioners are members of the British Voice Association and the Voice Care Network and are dedicated to the well-being of professional voice users and are committed to ensure that the voice is used effortlessly, effectively and efficiently.