Bespoke Coaching

Drawing on VoiceWorX’s complementary services, be assured that your learning experience is individually tailored to address specific issues and requirements, and that your desired outcomes are achieved positively, confidently and healthily.

Accent Softening – Received Pronunciation

Is your accent holding you back? Is your accent preventing people from understanding you?
Whether you are a foreign or native learner, VoiceWorX can help you explore a neutral English accent thus enabling effective communication.


Do you find it difficult delivering lines effectively at the same time as embodying and connecting with the character you are portraying? VoiceWorX can help you develop your skills to portray your characters authentically and truthfully to an audience, in a healthy and efficient manner.

English as a second language

We know that speaking another language widens your employment opportunities, don’t we? What we might not realise is that taking on an accent, which is not your native one, could be detrimental to your voice? VoiceWorX practitioners can ensure that English sounds are formed healthily and correctly

Performance and Presentation confidence

Public performance or public speaking might be considered high on the list of feared activities. VoiceWorX can help individuals equip themselves with performance and presentation presence, which will develop a confidence to deliver with impact.

Reading support

Reading Support

VoiceWorX can help both adults and children gain enjoyment, enthusiasm and understanding whilst reading, which can be acquired through relaxation, comprehension and encouragement.

Show Support

A director should not need to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ and concern himself with the minutiae just to get his ‘art’ across.

Let VoiceWorX support your vision. We can work with actors on a 1-2-1 basis or in small groups ensuring that lines are delivered and characters are portrayed effectively and healthily.

Singing – Adults & Children

Whether you are a novice or seasoned singer, singing is known to have many benefits as well as increased lung capacity, improved mood and reduced stress.

VoiceWorX can help you achieve these benefits by ensuring the physical processes needed for singing, are working healthily and in harmony.

Professional Voice Users

Professional voice users, other than actors and singers, have little or no vocal training but the demands on their voices are often greater. VoiceWorX can advise how to use the professional voice effectively and healthily, privately on a 1-2-1 basis or in your working environment.

Vocal Health

VoiceWorX’s in-depth study of anatomy and physiology informs not only correct and healthy vocal use but also how the environment, our emotions, anxiety and stress might pave the way for vocal abuse and possible vocal And metal distress.