English as a second language

Having chosen to settle in an English speaking country, are you struggling with the language?

At VoiceWorX we know that moving to a foreign country can be challenging practically, emotionally and mentally.  A limited knowledge of the English language might even leave you feeling lonely and isolated, and may also impact on getting your desired job.

Children are renowned for being resilient, aren’t they?.  They are placed in at the deep end by attending English-speaking schools and by being in a language minority enables them to learn English very quickly. But we know it is not always that easy for the adults.

For those who find English difficult to read and write, together we will hone your comprehension skills by studying a variety of literature: children’s books, advertisements, forms and newspapers. By further enhancing the quality of your English, we can ensure words have correct stresses on syllables. This will help you present yourself more effectively in all walks of life including job applications and interviews.

Voiceworx’s practitioners are fully versed in vocal anatomy and physiology and will ensure that your new accent is both healthy and effective.