Enhance voice and acting skills for effective audience engagement.

One of the most valuable tools you’ll have at your disposal in anything and especially acting is the ability to be audible and intelligible.

In any acting role, it is vital to use your voice healthily in order to portray a character in a play, film, TV show or other production. VoiceWorX can enhance your set of acting skills to communicate effectively both to an audience and to the directors or producers you wish to work for.

By combining acting skills and practical voice with text, VoiceWorX helps the individual explore a healthy physiological and imaginative approach to working with the voice as well as developing clarity, range, expressivity and power.

Acting is a combination of many parts complementing each other. Together we will also explore:

  • healthy, released breathing and body alignment and an awareness and control of the vocal mechanism
  • your own potential through the medium of spoken text and understanding of the physiological demands for healthy vocalising and spoken text
  • an appreciation of the spoken language and an insight into the genre of plays, musical theatre, or operetta
  • densely coded texts, with regards literary devices and the ability to speak them persuasively
  • various methodologies, including those of Linklater, Berry, Rodenburg, Houseman and Feldenkreis.

Speaking to singing

When acting have you been told that your speaking voice is not as strong or does not project as far as your singing voice?

We know that many shows, plays and operettas demand that acting requires adeptly switching seamlessly from speech to song and back to speech. 

VoiceWorX knowledge and insights are sensitively imparted to enhance acting techniques and equip individuals with tools for ongoing self-maintenance and especially before and after rehearsals and performances.

Show support

VoiceWorX can draw on many techniques to increase your overall acting and performance strength. Please click here for further information.

Changing voices

At various stages of the changing voice, it is important to understand what effect hormones have on the voice and how the acting voice can be damaged or overworked at this sensitive time, causing voice strain and possible performance cancellation.

The hormones released during puberty in both girls and boys, have a significant impact on the larynx perhaps resulting in breathiness and self-consciousness.

Additionally, with an increase of oestrogen during menstruation, pregnancy and after the menopause, there is a greater impact on the female voice, which could result in hoarseness and other vocal discomfort during the higher vocal demands required for acting.

During these vulnerable stages of hormonal change VoiceWorX is able to coach the individual on additional, healthier vocal strategies.