What is a Professional Voice Practitioner?


A Professional Voice Practitioner is usually qualified at a Masters level and is disciplined in the healthy production of voice including anatomy, articulation, resonating chambers, pitch, tone, pace and volume, tension release, meditation and in some cases, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy.

Releasing muscular tension, being mentally healthy and stable, and having a healthy aligned body helps voice production and vocal clarity as well as having a positive effect on mental well-being.

A Professional Voice Practitioner is sometimes called a vocal coach, which is a more recognised term when you are an actor or singer and are seeking help with preparing for an acting or singing role, whether in a theatre or on screen.

You may even be part of the corporate world or the church and need help in public speaking.  We’re not all naturals at it, are we?

A Professional Voice Practitioner is conversant with voice pedagogy and has many skills and tools to help you be the best you can be.  A Professional Voice Practitioner is committed to helping you maintain a healthy, efficient and effective voice.

About Amanda

I became a Voice Practitioner and Complementary Therapist to be able to help with all-round support, not just addressing vocal issues, but also ensuring that mind and body are equally healthy to be able to support the voice. For further details of ‘my journey’ please read more here, or reach out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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