Laryngeal Papilloma

Why am I writing about this? I’ve recently met a teenager / young adult who is struggling to speak. I noticed the hoarse, husky sound and was quite concerned when told it had been like it … Read more

3d rendered illustration - larynx

Vocal Fold Haemorrhage (vocal bleed)

Vocal Fold Haemorrhage or vocal bleed is a ruptured blood vessel bleeding into the vocal fold. When vocal-fold haemorrhage (bruise, burst blood vessel) occurs the performer or speaker experiences a loss of voice immediately, which … Read more

Hydration vs Dehydration

Benefits of drinking water The vocal folds need to be well hydrated to withstand excess vocalising.  The more you speak, the more you need to drink water. To keep your pharynx healthy (the membrane-lined cavity behind … Read more

Hoarseness (dysphonia) and Huskiness

Dysphonia is a difficulty in speaking caused by a physical disorder of the vocal folds (cords, chords), mouth, tongue, or throat. Hoarseness or huskiness is a symptom of vocal abuse and in this case misusing the … Read more