Laryngeal Papilloma

Why am I writing about this? I’ve recently met a teenager / young adult who is struggling to speak.¬†I noticed the hoarse, husky sound and was quite concerned when told it had been like it … Read more

3d rendered illustration - larynx

Vocal Fold Haemorrhage (vocal bleed)

Vocal Fold Haemorrhage or vocal bleed is a ruptured blood vessel bleeding into the vocal fold. When vocal-fold haemorrhage (bruise, burst blood vessel) occurs the performer or speaker experiences a loss of voice immediately, which … Read more

Hoarseness (dysphonia) and Huskiness

Dysphonia is a difficulty in speaking caused by a physical disorder of the vocal folds (cords, chords), mouth, tongue, or throat.¬†Hoarseness or huskiness is a symptom of vocal abuse and in this case misusing the … Read more